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Commenced in 1997 and believed to be the first antique typewriter related "Virtual Museum" and "Virtual Library" on the web.

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Enjoy a tour of the Lady Typewriter Virtual Museum exploring the galleries displaying a selection of antique typewriters, typewriter ephemera and sundry associated items which have been or are currently in my collection.

The Typewriter Gallery houses a selection of typewriters from the late 19th Century through to mid 20th Century.  All are portable  machines, of various  makes - Blick, Corona, Erika, Imperial, Oliver, Olympia, Remington, Royal and Underwood.

The Postcard Album exhibits a variety of historical postcards.  The first is of Crystal Palace built for the Great Exhibition of 1851 where various ‘writing machines’ and ‘typewriters’ were on display.  Some of the inventors, including Foucault, Hughes and Marchesi, received medals for their machines whilst others, like Tolputt, failed to gain an award. Other postcards range from female workers assembling typewriters to those depicting life in the office, along with some humorous postcards.

The Ribbon Tin Exhibition shows a range of typewriter ribbon tins of various shapes, designs and makes all from days gone by.  The tins were, of  course, far more attractive than the later packaging of plastic, paper and cellophane.

The Showcase of Typing Sundries covers items for typewriter cleaning and maintenance to tools in daily use by a typist, including a range of typing shields so useful in the event of the odd typographical error.

Postcard Album

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Showcase of Typing Sundries

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