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The Type-Basket contains a selection of items, all relating to typewriters of the past. So if you are away from your favourite typewriter, maybe something in this section will bridge the gap between the era of typewriters, as first put into commercial production by the Remington Company in 1873, and the today's electronic age of computers, tablets and mobile phones.

The type-basket of a typewriter contains the type-bars and the mechanism linking them to the keys, all of utmost importance to the functionality of a typewriter. In more general terms a basket is a receptacle or container traditionally used for carrying or keeping things in, or a group of related items. Hence I have chosen 'type-basket' for this section of the website.

Pangrams are useful not only for testing the typewriter keys but also for gaining knowledge of where the characters are on your keyboard. Keyboard layouts vary across the world so, other than those with special characters, pangrams may help with learning to use a variety of keyboards.

Typewriter fonts are readily downloadable to computers, tablets and mobile devices.

Why not use your favourite typewriter font for all your keyboard work?

Typewriter keyboard sounds are also downloadable to computers, tablets and mobile devices. So, if you are away from your favourite typewriter, enjoy a nostalgic journey with one of these keyboard sounds.

The Basket of Collectors. I am compiling a list of collectors to be included within the Basket of Collectors and if you would like to be included please go to the Contact page and send me your name, country of residence, email address and any special interests e.g. typewriting ephemera.


Basket of Collectors

Miscellany - Pangrams, Typewriter Fonts, Typewriter Keyboard Sounds

Basket of Typewriter Collectors