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Commenced in 1997 and believed to be the first antique typewriter related "Virtual Museum" and "Virtual Library" on the web.

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Antique Typewriters by Lady Typewriter


History of the IBM Typewriter    An illustrated timeline of the IBM Typewriters from 1930 - 1993, also including old advertisements.

Antique Typewriters : The Martin Howard Collection     "Comprised of typewriters from the very beginning of the typewriter industry (1880's and 1890's)."     

Classic Typewriter    Providing a wealth of information on antique typewriters including history, facts, typewriter collecting and care, and typewriter fun.

Antique Typewriter Collecting     Information and resources on typewriters, including Typewriter Memory Lane and photo gallery.  Also a classified section for buying and selling typewriters.

Yesterdays Office     Featuring articles, a forum, classifieds and links - all related to old  typewriters and  office equipment.

From Carbon to Computers     From the Smithsonian Office of Education tracing office equipment, including typewriters, from 1900 to the present day.

The Typewriter Database     A database of typewriter makes, models and serial numbers created for collectors of antique typewriters.     An online antique typewriter store featuring a selection of typewriters and a historical background of the typewriter.

Ribbon Tin Virtual Museum     A site dedicated to documenting and providing information about ribbon tins and typewriter go-withs.     Two typewriter enthusiasts give an illustrated history of typewriters and display pictures of machines both before and after restoration.